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Just like how the old time deskbound telephones have developed into a handy mobile that almost everyone owns these days, the technology of Combat Skirmish equipments have also evolved in ways that bring PC gaming into reality.

Once upon a time, the analog system was sufficient to satisfy the need for combat fun and excitement, with sound effects and realistic reloading time, amount of ammunition, and not to mention sophisticated-looking but easy-handling guns. But we know that nothing is permanent except for change.

Come 2009, Combat Skirmish will be launching the newest laser tag technology, S*A*T*RTM (small arms transmitter receiver), exclusively for Combat Skirmish clients. Be awed by the digital age breakthrough technology, which offers a complete, adrenaline pumping experience you won’t forget.

If you’ve ever played Combat Skirmish, you might have wondered how will you know when you actually hit someone. Well, the textbook answer is to look out for your opponents sensors that blink red when hit. No worries if you haven’t been able to see that clearly. With S*A*T*R, receive instant feedback through your scope and voice feedback.


  1. Real time hit feedback performed through a red dot scope and voice feedback.
"Dead already"

  2. In game voice sound effects, with three levels of software control sound volume
This allows you to play within your desired compound without worrying about disturbing your neighbours, or the public, as we can adjust the volume to be the softest.
Real time statistics indicating hit points, current ammunition in magazine, replacement magazines, hits made, kills made, number of re-spawns and accuracy percentage
  4. Simulates recoil by powering down the scope for a short interval after each shot
Weapons with high recoil values have longer power down times. Very realistic and exciting: be thrilled out of your brains!
  5. Configurable settings for rate of fire, reload times, ammunition per magazine, making it as simple as possible for the young ones, or as realistic as possible for the experts!  
  6. Friendly fire on/off
For the younger and less experienced players, you won't have to worry about shooting your own teammates. Just pull the trigger at everything that moves!
  7. Multi-field proximity lockout allows up to 4 battles at one time
This means that you can have up to 4 separate groups playing within close quarters without cross-fire! Ideal for tournaments, leagues or camps.
  8. Near miss detection lets you know when someone's closing to hitting you, so that you can avoid getting shot!
Near Miss
SupaSensor technology provides optimal even performance in all lighting conditions, indoors or outdoors, day or night! SupaSensor
  10. Switch between machine gun & sniper/single-shot mode instantly during gameplay with a simple button!  

You've got to try it to experience it! Book now!

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