What is Combat Skirmish?  
  How is Combat Skirmish different from Paintball  
  How is Combat Skirmish different from Indoor Laser Quest?  

Here in Singapore, some call it Laser Skirmish, others like to name it as Laser Tag or Laser Quest, but we call ours COMBAT SKIRMISH.

Originating from Australia in 1998 and now found in over 20 countries across the globe, Combat Skirmish Singapore is an exclusive company that was incorporated to bring this exciting game to our sunny island, providing an alternative sport for both children and adults since it's establishment in 2005. Read more...

Safe for all ages

Combat Skirmish equipments are not considered firearms and it means that there are no legal age restrictions. Even children below 12 years of age can participate. Read more...


We're Mobile!
You can play this game indoors or outdoors, anywhere and everywhere. Your ideal ‘battlefield’ can be in a school compound, your condominium premises, public parks or any desired location. Read more...

Excellent for Team Building

The game is not only fun, but can be used to impart important teambuilding values through our designed combat scenarios, such as leadership, teamwork, and communication. It serves as an excellent experiential-learning tool for training children, teens and even adults.

If you are interested in the other services we provide, share with us details like your objectives, the expected turn up, the indicative budget and any other requests, and we'll take it up from there! Drop us an email today!


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