Leading the market:
Being the pioneer and leader of laser shooting games in Singapore, we are proud to present you our arsenal of 13 different types of guns. Being the biggest and longest history of providing laser shooting / laser tag games, we know and understand what our customers are looking for. Our Combat Skirmish Guns are unique and like no other found on our tropical island! They are installed with the most modern and state of the art technology currently found in the laser tag market.

Feedback,Real Time:
They have been fitted with the advanced technological system known as SATR (Small Arms Transmitter Receiver). This technology provides Real-time hit feedback and gives gamers live, immediate data about the current state of game play. It sounds 'casualty 'when you have a hit, 'Kill confirmed' and 'Dead Already', enabling you to adapt your tactics accordingly!

Factors that make us successful:
Support over 200 players:
We are able to support up to 250 players in a single booking. Yes, we have so many guns in our arsenal locally and numbers are usually not a problem. Everyone gets a fair amount of rest and play time. There wouldn't be long waiting time for your turn to have a go ever again.
Realistic Guns:
Our guns are replicas of real weapons and they feel the same too. You don't want to be seen holding a super soaker like hobby-grade gun in your arms and trying to look "macho" during the game. All our guns are made from metal and they look as if you are using a real P90 or M16. We sometimes even get people calling up the Local Police to come down for a check to ensure that they are actually TOYS.
Realistic Gameplay:
We provide realistic play with working sensors on the gun as well as on the body creating a sensing field on the upper half of the body. Gone are those days where players, who use single sensor system (only on the gun), expose their head or whole body out from their hiding corner to survey the surrounding without exposing their hit sensors because they hide their guns behind the wall. Cheater-bug!
Prompt Attention:
We provide on-time daily response thru email and phone calls. Although we believe in work-life balance for our girl at the desk, we believe that you should receive attention from us within the shortest possible time of your enquiry. Hence, we have a rotation system where each office staff is scheduled to give you timely replies.
Unforgettable Experience:
Given our years in this industry, alongside with our staff and bosses themselves being a combat game fanatic, we had developed various missions and scenarios over the years and we will always have a new game play for you if you are tired of the traditional death match or capture the flag. We customize and configure missions to help corporations highlight certain issues within their work environment and use it for debrief session.
Real Time Information:
For the real hardcore players and veteran combat gamers, we model after computer games like "Left4dead", "Counterstrike" and "Sudden Attack" to provide the most realistic game play through our latest SATR technology (US patented), only available from Combat Skirmish Singapore Pte Ltd. What's so great about this SATR? It provides a real-time feedback knowing when you shot someone or when you tagged the person.

Similar but different:
We live in a world where advanced technology matters. It is the very reason why we get more efficient each day. Our system flows the same way, no more would need you to refer back to another human for feedback or review, the S.A.T.R system will tell you everything you need to know, from making the perfect hit for the winning team, getting hit by the enemy to even getting a respawn back at the home base. It doesn't stop there, the new system allows you to manipulate 69 different types of weaponry, which means a child holding on to a small weapon can yield the power and brutality of a heavy duty machine gun. The SATR system is the "NEXT BIG THING" that is closest and eventually replacing online multi player online gaming. Your game, realistic weaponry, live action game play. Your call.

Bringing combat gaming to a new level:
So what are you waiting for sign up today and be the first in Singapore to experience life as a frontline soldier! To be honest, we might not be the cheapest out there but with all these strengths and advances we have, it stretches your dollar spent and brings gaming experience to a different edge. Afterall, you don't play this every other day, so why not use the best guns and be with the best service provider when you do it & enhance your gaming experience to the max.